Before picking up the phone, pause before you dial and be one in body and soul with the person you are calling. This brief prayer might preface your dialing:
Blessed are you, O God,
who has filled our world
with wonders.
I thank you for the gift
of this instrument
that will allow me to hear the voice
of ______________________
and for him/her to hear mine.
May this call bind us
even closer together
until we finally are one in you,
and one beyond all space and time.

When the call is completed, pause and rejoice in the communion you feel. Lift up the person with whom you have spoken into the heart of God. A brief closing prayer could be:
I lift up my heart to you in gratitude, O God,
for the gift of: ______________
and for the wondrous gift of
this telephone that
has made our time
together possible.