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Being Human A unity mantra that helps you affirm that anything that happens to anybody can happen to you.
Elaine MacInnes in Light Sitting in Light Separation is the arch-enemy of all life
A Reminder A prompt to affirm our unity with everyone we see when we're out and about.
Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John Salutes the spiritual practices of unity and peace as an antidote to the separations of our time.
The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism A brief but thought-provoking examination of Western sexual mysticism.
Oneness Presents similar ideals and religious practices in all traditions.
A Dome of Many Colors An erudite collection of essays.
Yes to Global Ethic Essays on religions working together to create a better world.
Interface Culture A fascinating glimpse into computers, techno-history and the web.
The World's Religions A substantive, wide-ranging, and completely accessible guide to the wisdom traditions.