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The Backdoor to Enlightenment Za Rinpoche and Ashley Nebelsieck on understanding how unity affects each of us.
Global Spirit - Oneness: The Big Picture An exploration of the complex subject of "oneness" by scientists and spiritual seekers.
Heraclitus in To Touch the Sky Out of all things comes oneness
Global Spirit - The Journey Toward Oneness Multifaith and scientific explorations of how we are connected to all creation and the universe itself.
Edward Hays in The Old Hermit's Almanac We are all related
Viewer's Guide on Unity Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Yes to Global Ethic Essays on religions working together to create a better world.
Authors & Readings on Unity A guide of the original sources from this episode.
Creating Community Anywhere Shows how new webs of support are showing up all over the place.
Children's Books on the Unity of the Human Family A joyful new book series of photographic essays of children with their parents, grandparents, and animals.