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Eucharist with a Small "e" On opening our eyes to see the spirit of Jesus in all people and in the wider world.
God Has a Dream Desmond Tutu with a challenge to respect and care for all peoples as though they are members of our family.
Progressive & Religious Steven Baines on how all are made in God's image
Solitude Robert Kull on spending time in solitude in the wilderness.
(title not found) Music video and lyrics to the song "By Breath."
Spiritual Notes to Myself A prayer of unity with God.
Radical Grace Richard Rohr on moving beyond our family first to a protection of the human family.
Zen Contemplation for Christians A Zen meditation teaching story on the spiritual practice of Unity.
Fingers Pointing Toward the Sacred Describes the symbol that best expresses the spiritual practice of unity.
The Spiritual Practices of Rumi Explores unity and the practice of beholding the Divine.