Redwood Tree Contemplation

"Imagine you are a redwood tree at least a thousand years old. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel yourself rooted to the earth.

"From the vantage point of your height, look out at the world around you. You may notice that you are in a grove of redwood sisters. Perhaps your redwood children stand around you.

"Think back on all the life you have seen over the past one or two thousand years. Remember all the lives you have watched come and go. Think of the arguments and wars you have observed come and go. Recall the tragedies of hundreds of years ago, past now and even forgotten.

"How many times have you seen fire destroy life around you? Perhaps you yourself bear the scars of fire or even direct strikes by lightning. Yet those wounds healed, centuries ago.

"Look out on the life around you. Feel the Equanimity of the long view.

Recollect any current problems or issues in your life, and look down on them from your great height and age."