"It is not Jacob who says, 'God was in this place and I, i did not know.' It is you who are reading these words. You are the sacred text itself. The holy text is not about you. You are not even 'in' it. You are it.

"The words of sacred text reach out to us. The flower wants more than merely to be seen by the eye, it wants to dwell in the eye, to be the eye. The music is not content to be heard by the ear, it wants to live in it, to be the ear. And the silence, that teeming, pulsing noise of all creation, is not content to be beheld by the soul, it is your soul. The sound of the aleph, the first letter of the first utterance that has no sound.

"What more could Jacob say? Haran was still a long way away, and it wasn't even home."