"Are you wondering what the next step is for you? We suggest this immediate task, a ritual for getting started. Write the following sentence on the first page of this book: I want seiki.

"Place the book in your freezer, but take it out to thaw before you go to sleep. Imagine that the specially made request sends a message to seiki, doing so through the deepest processes of your unconscious mind that spring forth during your sleep. Each morning when you wake up, write another request in the book, doing so on the next page. Make a slight change in what is written, such as 'I really want seiki.' 'I truly want seiki,' 'I mean it, I am asking as sincerely as I can for seiki.' 'Please bring me seiki.' 'I'd love to receive seiki.' 'My life needs seiki, and I am hoping it will come.' 'I am asking for seiki and believe it will be delivered.' Do this every day, writing down an altered request for seiki on each new page, placing it in the freezer, and taking it out to thaw when you sleep.

"You will know that something is happening with seiki when you feel a new wonder, creativity, and vitality in your life. Your intuition will start to unthaw, suggesting what you might do next. You don't have to understand anything; it is better if you don't. Instead, wait for a feeling, intuition, or excitement to thaw inside of you. Do not stop communicating with seiki. Do anything to make your messages noticed. Stand on your bed and read what you have written. Write your request in a foreign language or use the Morse code. Or better yet, sing it. Dance it. Shout it. Drop one tear on what you write in the book. Or tell your request a joke. Do anything at all, especially if it arises spontaneously. Why not cover your request with a colored piece of cloth. Dress it up. Adorn it. Name your request. Give it a symbol. Write it with both hands. How about a different color for each letter? Mirror writing? Write it sitting, standing, lying down, or in a yoga posture. Take the book to a holy place and write it there. Write each word of your request at a different location. There is no end to how you can ask for seiki.

"If you persist and are sincere, we assure you that something will happen. Seiki will show up at your front door. Make sure you are listening for it. Get ready to welcome seiki to your home and everyday life. Enjoy your first steps toward seiki and the mysteries that stand ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime. We sincerely want you to receive seiki, knowing that it wants you as much as you want it. Court it, and woo it. Convince seiki that you want it in your life. That's the best way to advance toward what you most truly desire!"