"So many parents tell me that they aren't spiritual, or don't think of themselves as spiritual, or that they're not spiritual enough. But ask them if they love their child and the answer is a passionate yes! Worry not, because pure selfless and unconditional love goes a long way. In fact, strong and healthy parental love can fill much of the spiritual developmental need. Unconditional love is spiritual parenting. . . .

"The essential developmental support that parents are uniquely positioned to provide includes early exposure, awareness, and cultivation of our spiritual assets, time and space, nature, a vocabulary, and a spiritual social context. As parents, we are biologically equipped to assume the role of spiritual ambassador, by introducing our child to the spiritual dimension and joining in the conversation as a loving, open guide.

"You can do this – just loving your child openly and honestly helps develop their natural spirituality. Because they experience transcendence through the same apparatus through which they experience your love, your unconditional affection is a big step in the right direction. And maybe you'll want to try to take another step.

"Spiritual parenting comes in many forms. It is in the many moments that you thoughtfully embody spiritual values, awaken your family to spiritual presence, and meet life's challenges and opportunities to deepen your child's spirituality. Science says that this is the most powerful connection you have to your child's well-being now and throughout life."