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The Wisdom of Trees Poetry and the latest scientific research about trees' communication and cooperation.
The Snail with the Right Heart A story about uniqueness, gender, love, and the grandeur of the universe.
Science and Spiritual Practices A biologist's adventures making connections between science and religion.
Hummingbird A ruby-throated hummingbird's amazing flight north, described with lyric beauty and fascinating zoological detail.
River Rescue The true story of the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research team's efforts to save wildlife after oil spills.
Worried? Actually good reasons why it's hard to stop worrying in a dangerous world.
The Boy Who Touched the Stars The true story of how José M. Hernández became an astronaut.
Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory An accessible and informative resource for those over 65 who are worrying about memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimers.
The Physics of Everyday Things A fascinating mapping of physics in our everyday lives.
Wild Nights An appealingly creative romp through the history of sleep.