"My dear great, great, great grandchildren,

. . .

"Forgive us our debts, for we have burdened you with so much. I hope that whatever positive efforts we have made will have lightened your burden. I suspect that, if there has been some success in warding off the harshness of the climate changes, you will still have much work to do and that there will be people who will still prefer to look out for themselves. Do not fall prey to their mindless behavior, for it is precisely their attempts to control and hold on that brought humanity to its knees again and again.

"Continue to look forward and trust that things will work out. Be on watch for the little things that are essential for any lasting solution. I always marveled at how the mammals, unnoticed and underfoot, survived the age of the dinosaurs. If we humans survive it will not be because of the 'great ones' but because of the unsung wisdom and creativity of countless, nameless people.

"Honor us insofar as what we did gave you a chance to carry on. Forgive us for everything we saddled you with. Remember that you also carry in your genes the 'blind spots' that need mutual care and correction. Look up at night and recall that some of the light that reaches you comes from stars long gone. Keep whatever is beautiful from us before your eyes and create even more precious work for your grandchildren.

"Remember us who refused to forget you.
Hope and love from
an old and foolish great, great, great grandfather."