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Hope A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of hope.
Dear Heart, Come Home A teaching story about keeping our hope alive.
Enduring Lives Carol Lee Flinders on the patience required of women of faith and action.
The Art of Dying and Living Kerry Walters on practicing patience as a way to live a fulfilling life.
Patience Allan Lokos with exercises to help make the word patience readily available to you.
Butterflies Under Our Hats A new children's book, based on a Jewish folktale, that challenges us to find hope in the world.
Keep Going Native American stories that salute the art of perseverance.
How to Solve Our Human Problems A salutes to the spiritual practice of patience.
Mystical Hope Fresh ways of envisioning this Christian virtue.
Death and Beyond A succinct, well-reasoned, and appealing tome on death that defends the belief in hope.