"It is incumbent on all to stop hurting and harming others and cultivate a boundless heart full of benevolence."
- Piyadassi Thera

"How would your life and the lives of those around you change if:

  • you saw winners, not sinners
  • you chose acceptance over judgment
  • you cultivated constant gratitude rather than indifference
  • you reached out rather than held back
  • you did more giving and less receiving
  • you focused on the positive and not on the toxic
  • you listened more and spoke less
  • you greeted hostility with hospitality
  • you encouraged the discouraged
  • you tried to turn sadness into gladness
  • you smiled sincerely and boldly at everyone you saw
  • you expanded love and enlarged mercy
  • you lived with confidence and faith
  • you expressed compassion to all human and animal beings

"How different would things be if you and others acted and lived out these patterns of life."