"American Mussar teaches us everyday, practical spirituality. How do you feel about awe? Does it seem like we've crossed into the woo-woo? If that is the case, it is worth taking some time to explore those feelings. Where do they come from? . . . The voice that is casting shade on the idea of 'something greater' is the evil inclination, which is trying to undermine the great work you have demonstrated by reading this far. Become the watcher and practice equanimity. Observe the feelings, but don't let them derail your exploration of awe.

"Nature, science, music, art, people – all are sources of awe.

"How does awe fit into your life? Where do you see awe? Are you in awe of people, making them into idols and the subject of inappropriate worship?

"For you, perhaps there is no awe in your life. Nothing is sacred, the world is there for your convenience, and you don't find meaning or inspiration in anything.

"Watch without judgment, and record what you see in your journal at the first opportunity."