"The Universal Healing Tao practices show us ways in which we do not have to fear the negative in life. We can embrace it, transform it, and use it to create new, healthy energy for ourselves. We can welcome the denser and darker energies in our lives and transform them in a way similar to how coal is turned into a diamond. In a sense, the Universal Healing Tao is an ancient recycling program. However, we recycle more than our paper, cardboard, metal, and plastics. We also recycle our toxic emotions. Rather than spewing them into the air with nasty words or letting them fester and rot inside of our minds and bodies, we transform them and send them into the earth to be recycled. Just as we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and the earth does the opposite, we can send our toxins into the earth and it can transform them into energy that can be given back to us.

"Detoxification and balance are not meant to be activities that we do every few years like a tune-up for a car. The more we keep our systems clean, balanced, and strong, the more we can stay in clear contact with the purer and lighter formative energies of the universe and the universal knowledge that surrounds us.

"As people practice Chi Kung they tend to expel toxins in a variety of ways, such as sneezing, belching, passing gas, crying, blowing their noses, defecating, urinating, and vomiting. From an energy-based perspective, we do not view this as disgusting or inappropriate (although we do not go out of our way to ignore or defy local cultural traditions). Is it really better to keep all of your toxins inside, rotting away, so you do not expel them and do something that others might consider impolite? If we keep our emotional and environmental toxins inside, they act like rust in the body. We become prematurely weak and old. Wrinkles, gray hair, and aches and pains start to form as the channels that distribute our energy inside become clogged."