"Wisdom is a vast ocean. We learn from it wave by wave. When from time to time we awaken, we realize we are the ocean, as well as its waves. To nourish your awakening, you might consider just a few highly potent drops from the ocean of wisdom:

"Flow (impermanence)
Interbeing (interconnection)
Openness (selflessness)

"So simple, this bears repeating.

"Everything is:

Pregnant with possibility

"Imagine such words as those carved over colossal doorways of hallowed institutions!

"Please note: just two or three drops of the nectar of awakened wisdom are powerful enough to liberate your world.

See for Yourself

"Don't take my word for it. Test awakening wisdom for yourself. Pause, breathe, and see:

"1. Breath (like life) is as impermanent as morning dew. With your next breath, please notice how the previous breath is now done. Gone. Linger in this awareness. Everything changes. Notice too how impermanence allows breath to be breath. Ever flowing. Otherwise, we'd be frozen in time, like statues. (Long live impermanence!)

"2. Everything is interconnected. Beginning with your next breath, please notice how breath (like life) is interconnected. There's no in-breath without an out-breath. And vice-versa. Notice too how breath acts as a hinge between body and mind-heart. Breath conditions our heart and mind and body; heart and mind and body condition breath . . . deep . . . slow . . . easy . . . calm. Smile!

"3. Notice how breath (like life) is selfless. Free. There's no ownership, no personal stake attached. No abiding selfhood of its own to burden or enslave us. To grok this, simply wait for the next breath. No expectations. This is like being an ancient hunter in the forest, who becomes as still as the forest, waiting for the deer. Let yourself feel surprise and awe when a 'next' breath comes, of itself, selflessly. Let breath breathe itself.

"Notice too the space between inhales and exhales: no breath. As open to possibility as the sky is vast. Mind the gap: this spaciousness, no thing whatsoever . . . utter blankness . . . unlimited potential. Let this openness be like an ungraspable ground underlying all breath, the way silence supports all breath, the way silence supports all sounds, as you note how unique each breath is.

"Take a vacation from maintaining an identity all the time. Be only breath."