"Tiny things, and especially seeds, have often been a source of inspiration for me. When I am attentive to the hidden possibility of a seed, reverence wells up in me. I am in awe. What a mystery it is with its potential to break open and pour out new life! How amazing to watch the growth of tiny things!

"In our gospel reflection for this week (Matthew 13: 31–35), the emphasis is placed on the smallness of the seed. How can something so small become so magnificent? Imagine for a moment how small you were on the day of your birth. You, too, grew from a seed. Like the mustard seed, you are filled with budding possibilities for growth.

"Rejoice in the truth that God once breathed upon the tiny seed of you. God honored your smallness, and you blossomed into a remarkable tree of life. You, too, are a sign of the reign of God. The leaven of your little life lived with faithfulness can support those who are struggling to grow stronger in their relationship with God. This week practice believing in the potential of small things. Even a tiny desire to forgive someone is full of possibility. That small desire is a seed that needs to be nurtured and believed in so that it can blossom.

"O Creator and Lover of small things.

"Thank you for all the little things that flourish and grow to summits of immense beauty. All of creation is permeated with your sacred power. Teach me to be grateful for the many little things whose vocations are just to be small. Small is beautiful and contains the power it needs to do its work. Small hopes, small dreams, and small efforts are not insignificant. In the miniscule and in the vast your power shines forth. May you be praised in all things!

"Your teacher for this week will be the small things in your life. During this week, find a few small things and learn from them.

"He showed me a little thing, the size of a hazel nut. . . .
In this little thing I saw three properties.
The first is that God made it.
The second that God loves it.
And the third, that God keeps it.

-- Julian of Norwich