When I woke up my mind was at peace. I realized that my mother's birth and death were concepts, not truth. The reality of my mother was beyond birth or death. She did not exist because of birth, nor cease to exist because of death. I saw that being and non-being are not separate. Being can exist only in relation to nonbeing, and nonbeing can only exist in relation to being. Nothing can cease to be. This is not philosophy. I am only speaking truth.

That night at about one a.m. I awoke, and my grief was gone. I saw that the idea that I had lost my mother was only an idea. Being able to see my mother in my dream, I realized that I could see my mother everywhere. When I stepped out into the garden flooded with soft moonlight, I experienced the light as my mother's presence. It was not just a thought. I could really see my mother everywhere, all the time.