“Me: What does it mean to recover?

“Old Woman: It is to be reborn. We arrive here covered in spiritual qualities like innocence, humility, trust, acceptance and love. But things happen and those qualities get removed from us. Those qualities get churched off, spanked off, schooled off and beaten off. Sometimes we rinse them off ourselves with drugs and booze and poor choices. But when we start to walk with Creator again, we’re graced with the opportunity to recover ourselves in those qualities.

“Me: Does it hurt?

“Old Woman: Sometimes. But that’s what makes the journey so magical.

“Me: The hurt?

“Old Woman: No. The days you wake up without it.

“Me: How will I know what’s true for me?

“Old Woman: Choose. Then believe. Then act. Only you know the workings of your heart. Choose what your heart draws you to, not what your mind decides. Choose that every day until you come to believe in it. Then act out of that belief. That’s how you will come to know your truth.”