“When I think about becoming, I think about play and the iterative process that is our relationship to play. When we play, we are experiencing all sorts of emotions and movements and pleasure. We embrace the melody and harmony of play and even participate in its refrain: we want more! When we are engaged in this activity of play, we are in relationship with the process of becoming. When we are in the process of becoming, we have a chance not just to imagine a different way to be and become but to have a felt sense of the power of our becoming. Through the process of play, we have this all.

“Yesterday, as I was exercising, I was thinking about how to write about my somatic — my (em)bodied journey. I was doing circuit exercises on Zoom because everything is on Zoom these days. I was feeling the beads of sweat bubbling up on my face, arms, and legs. My body was shedding a layer of its toxins and was in process with its relationship with becoming. I was in motion, my cells were doing their thing, and my body was changing on a molecular level; I was participating in becoming within even realizing it. It was happening because of all the pieces set in motion — from my body to technology to my imagination of what I want to become. I want to have a relationship with my body, a healthy attachment to my own being, so that I can participate in the world in a way that will make it a better place. The plumb line of becoming is this iterative process where you are in the process of becoming — being made into — a better person who can contribute to the healing of our societal and cultural wounds. 'Vale le pena; do work that matters.' ”