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Star Trek: Nemesis Salutes the importance of doing shadow work through a story about clones and a weapon of mass destruction.
A Prayer for All Readers Master of the Universe, we are so grateful for the chance to read books that fire our imaginations, stir our soul, and expand our circle of compassion. Poll: For all the talk of print books bein…
Bicentennial Man A heart-warming story about a shiny household robot who is an exemplar of the spiritual practice of kindness.
The world is in the midst of another great opening The world is in the midst of another great opening
Love as a Way of Life Gary Chapman on various unkindnesses and courtesy.
Cloister Talks Jon M. Sweeney on devotion and finding ourselves able to listen to what we normally can't hear.
25 Reasons Why Twitter Is Spiritual Our take on the popular social networking tool.
In the Shadow of the Moon A stirring documentary about the experiences of the ten astronauts from every single Apollo missions that flew to the Moon.
The New Emily Posts Have you given up on the hope that old-fashioned manners and courtesy can have a place in the digital world? In an article in The New York Times, Alex Williams writes about the efforts of "a new gen…
The Digital Revolution A media wizard's prognostications about the upcoming digital era.