Juneteenth "Red Punch" Strawberry Lemonade

In Texas, Big Red is a bottled soft drink also called "red soda water." The red cream soda is often served at Juneteenth celebrations. This punch recipe is easy to make and offers a new, puckering and pleasing twist to the traditional red soda water that has been made in Texas since 1937.


2 cups fresh strawberries, stems and leaves removed, or 2 cups thawed frozen strawberries
1/2 cups sugar
1 12-ounce can lemonade concentrate, thawed
7 cups cold water


1. Slice the strawberries.
2. Place the ingredients in a blender in order. (If you don't have a blender, place the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and use a hand mixer on low speed to combine the punch until smooth.)
3. Pulse the mixture a few times. Then blend at low speed for 2 minutes.
4. Gradually turn the speed up to medium. Blend until smooth.
5. Pour into a large pitcher or punch bowl. Serve over ice.

Makes 10 servings.

Recipe courtesy of Angela Shelf Medearis, author of The New African-American Kitchen, The Kitchen Diva Cooks!, and The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook