“There are three things through which we live in love, here with the Trinity, and in the beyond, with the Unity.

“First, here in this world, our love is ruled by reason and strives to content Love using all just norms of perfection and longs to be perfect and worthy of all perfection. In this way, we share the life of the Son of God.

“Second, at all times we will in this way the will of Love with ever-fresh ardor, and practice all the virtues with overflowing passion, and illumine all creatures according to the category in which they find themselves and honoring of the nobility we recognize in them, nobility or baseness. In this way we, for the honor of Love, do the pure will of God in our works and love. This is how we live the Holy Spirit.

“Third, there is a chain that binds us constantly with a sweet violence in all our actions: it procures for us an invincible energy so we are able to live a sublime life and triumph over all obstacles with force and joy. This is how the impassioned lover progresses always more and more in all things in her Beloved. We work with his hands. We walk with his feet.

“We listen with his ears in which the voice of Divinity never stops speaking. We speak with the mouth of the Beloved in all truth, to counsel, to manifest justice, to bring peace to and console everyone according to their need and to warn against evil.

“Before the Beloved we present ourselves unadorned and naked: we never court anyone, except when grace reveals the Beloved, and then we live, lover in Beloved, with the same behavior, thought, heart to savor in him and with him in us the unspeakable sweetness his agonies won for us. Our hearts are united and feel as if from the same heart and with the same sweet Love: we live one in the other and revel in the fullness of a unique Love. And we know with an always flowering certainty, that doubt cannot wither, that we are integrated totally into this unique Love. In this state we are the Father.”