“Dearest Robert, I dreamt I was in a hospital in a big dark room all my own and a nurse knocked at the door and said they had a little child who’d been abused, could I help her? As she spoke another nurse was moving down the corridor with a bunch of babies — dear little round heads. I called to her, have you got twins there? And she said triplets! And then in a hushed voice, 'They’re the little brothers of the abused child.' So I felt a great uprush of joy that the little boys at least had not been hurt. And I sat down and waited. The nurse came in with a very young child, not much more than two, I think, wearing just a little smock — a chubby baby with a round wounded face. Oh, it broke my heart, and before I thought that the touch of a stranger might be frightening, I had swept her up onto my lap in the position of a pieta. And I spent a long time in the dream just holding her and saying, 'Oh my darling, my darling.' It seemed to me that this is what Jesus does with the world and what He calls us to do.”