“The Earth’s sentence upon our civilization is based on laws: not laws made by kings, congresses, parliaments, or courts, but deep laws written into the fabric of the cosmos, set in motion at the dawn of time — the laws of physics, the laws of complex systems, the laws of living systems, the laws of cause and effect. The Earth’s judgment will be expressed not in decrees, but in degrees of rising temperature, in numbers and intensity of storms, famines, droughts, and fires. The charges against us will add up until our behavior changes. Of course, our behavior will not change until our hearts and minds change. A first step in that change is becoming humble enough to acknowledge that if we are to survive, we must fit in with the planet. We must adapt to her will and ways, instead of always demanding that she submit to our will and ways. We must live within limits, for we are accountable to a power greater than ourselves.”