There are many stories in the spiritual traditions about individuals who go on a long journey to find God only to return home and discover the Holy One was there all along. Or as Meister Eckhart puts it, "God is at home, it is us who have gone out for a walk."

Children need to know about the immanence of the Creator. In this the fifth in a series of children's books on spirituality, award-winning author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso tells a story about God's presence.

Citizens of a mythical town live in houses with no windows. There also are no roads connecting them to the outer world. The people get tired of seeing nothing and going nowhere. So they ask a man and a woman who do have windows in their houses to see if God will help them. They travel to a mountain, the ocean, the desert, and a cave. They return to the town with new vision and a project that enables the others to see God's presence.

The full color illustrations by artist Sally Sweetland with their interesting use of light vividly convey the dramatic sweep of the story. God in Between is a multicultural, nondenominational, and nonsectarian tale highly recommended for ages four and up.