Written for her daughter and those in generations to come, this helpful and hopeful book explores four acts of personal power that can positively affect the future. Denise Linn is an internationally known healer, lecturer, and author of Sacred Space, The Secret Language of Signs, and Quest. Most of the material in Sacred Legacies comes out of her Native American heritage and her belief that guided meditations and visualization exercises are great tools for self-exploration and self-realization.

In a chapter on finding your roots and honoring your ancestors, Linn emphasizes the importance of this connection with the past. By having a family reunion, starting a family tree, or visiting the place where your ancestors lived, individuals can tap into this source of spiritual energy. A second step is breaking free from negative ancestral and family patterns.

Next, Linn explores the importance of creating a new vision of the future so you can empower your descendants. This can be achieved by writing a life-history letter, planting a tree, creating a generational box, making a video portrait, and other projects. The final step is fashioning a spiritual legacy through ritual, myth, and family stories. By honoring your ancestors and empowering your descendants you can make the most of the transformative power of the generations.