People all over talk about time famines and the need for a more balanced life. We rush from one task to another, wondering whether we'll ever get to the things that really matter. In this lively and creative series of meditations, Daniel S. Wolk, rabbi and author of The Dirt from Tripp Street (1993), presents his ideas on seeking the positive in life, breaking old patterns, outwitting time, and making a space for yourself and your loved ones.

Many of these "time pieces" are based on Wolk's question — If you only had a limited time to live but were in good health and could do whatever you want, what would you do? This rabbi has a fine gift for storytelling and for discerning the spiritual meaning of everyday experiences. Anyone can be an artist of time and Wolk shows the way with meditations on fishing, traveling, watches, tired habits, tending sunflowers, and gridlock. One way to stretch time is to savor the mystery of life. Let Wolk open your eyes to the magic of the present moment.

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