Barbara Bartocci is a Kansas author of six religious books and a frequent contributor to consumer magazines. In this paperback, she presents 101 nifty suggestions for prayer in the midst of our busy lives. This is a gem in the everyday spirituality genre with its wide-ranging examples of how we can make very moment a devotional one by right intention and practice. Here are some examples:

Floss And Pray
"Are you like me, eager to grab a toothbrush and tackle 'morning mouth'? A local dentist once spoke at our church about the way God had moved in his life. As he concluded, he said with a smile, 'Every day do two important things: floss — and pray.' His audience laughed but I never forgot his words. As you floss and brush your teeth, prayerfully ask for the grace to use your mouth in ways that reflect God, by speaking only words of love in the coming day."

Pump In The Spirit
"Need gas on your way to work? As you pump, visualize God's spirit flowing into you, filling you with enough holy energy to do God's will for the rest of the day. What is God's will? Jesus tells us we're called to love one another. Yes, that even includes the driver who almost cuts you off as you're making a turn out of the gas station."

Make A Thirty-Second Connection
"There is such a gift in simply being present with someone, even if the encounter lasts only thirty seconds. When I make eye contact with the supermarket clerk or the gas station attendant or the person I collide with as I rush into the elevator after lunch, my eyes say, 'I see you, you are not a mere thing to me. You are not an appendage to the cash register. You are a person.' It is false humility to assume we do not make a difference. Today, stay conscious of each interaction. Remind yourself that everyone you meet is a God-holder, and honor each person with eye contact and a smile. It doesn't matter if the person smiles back. You are offering a gift; not making a trade."