"Bless to us, O God, the doors we open, the thresholds we cross, the roads that lie before us. Go with us as we go and welcome us home." This is just one of the prayers in this anthology of devotional resources from the Iona Community, an ecumenical Christian group on an isle off Scotland. Founded in 1938 by the late George MacLeod, this community is committed to healing, world peace, social justice, and an integrated spirituality.

Kathy Galloway, editor of Coracle, the Iona Community magazine, has assembled a rich and diverse sampler of prayers, liturgies, readings, and resources for individual or group use. Planning and leadership of worship are not confined to the clergy. After all, liturgy is the work of all the people of God.

We were especially taken by a liturgy for the anniversary of a death, a rite for a local church pilgrimage, and responses for a cremation. Here's a prayer signifying one of the community's major themes: "God of justice, give us voice, take away our fear, shake up our prejudices, and move us to a different place, to stand on common ground with those who struggle for justice."