There are many books available on prayer. Clearly, many people today are looking for ways to expand and deepen their devotional lives. Mitch Finley, a prolific Catholic author (Whispers of Love), believes that his prayer life has been enriched by exposure to the spiritual practices of Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and Native Americans. It is time to stop thinking about prayer and to explore the various ways of doing prayer.

Finley finds plenty of examples from the blessing prayers of Judaism to the Sufi Meditations of the Heart to the Jesus Prayer of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Even as Thomas Merton adapted Zen meditation techniques to his practice of contemplative prayer, we can try new approaches in our relationship with God. Finley shows how solitude and silence, an emphasis upon rites and rituals, a reverence for sacred spaces, and a respect for teachers and saints can nourish our growth in Spirit.

The path of practice is the common ground of all the world's religions. Unspooling the many ways to pray, Mitch Finley uses the resources of different wisdom traditions to present a stirring vision of deep and engaged spirituality.