"God is birthing the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of the church. God is calling you to midwife that birth. Are you going to show up?" asks Leonard Sweet, dean of the Theological School, vice president, and professor of postmodern Christianity at Drew University. Addressed to believers, this future-facing resource is the successor to FaithQuakes.

Sweet believes that the only sane response to the postmodern techno-culture tidal wave is: Hoist your sails and launch out into the deep. Here is a call for the church to build new arks. Sweet presents ten cultural changes that are shaking the foundations of the way we think, feel, and live. He salutes those Christian communities that are "scouting this new world after the sea change."

Best of all, Sweet imaginatively challenges churches, ministers, and lay believers to move from maintenance to mission. This means setting up local church computer networks and making mouse calls rather than house calls. It means giving up authority structures and emphasizing relational structures. It means transforming worship into epic (experiential, participatory, interactive, communal) experiences. It means switching from church growth to church health.

SoulTsunami is tailor-made for adult study groups; each chapter ends with a substantive question-and-exercise section. Most Christian communities never adapted to the '60s cultural revolution; let's hope they do better adjusting to postmodern challenges.