Helen M. Luke once identified a sense of humor as "the royal road to freedom." Laughter is so important to Jews that they have a special holiday to celebrate it. One of the best sources of nontraditional healing for those who are ill is to let loose with volleys of laughter.

This collection of 85 cartoons from Tricycle, a quarterly Buddhist magazine, contains plenty of funny observations about meditation, karma, reincarnation, and enlightenment. A few examples will suffice: A garage with two gas pumps — "self" and "no self." A frog in a therapist's office being asked, "When did you first have the notion that poets were writing haiku about you?" A bumper sticker on a car — "Reincarnation: if you don't believe in it, better luck next time." A Zen vacuum cleaner — no attachments. And a man and woman facing each other — "My mantra or yours?"