Ken Wilber is the developer of an integral "theory of everything" that combines the truths of all the world's great psychological, scientific, philosophical, and spiritual systems. This heady multidimensional approach is deciphered in this spiffy full-color paperback filled with pop culture graphics, tables, and charts. The seven chapters delineate the Integral Vision:

• The Main Ingredients
• And Now: How Do They All Fit Together?
• Here's How It Works: IOS Apps
• Is This You? "Spiritual but Not Religious"
• Integral Life Practice: Get a Life!
• Not the End, But the Beginning

If you are interested in consciousness, complexity, maps, multiple intelligences, and more, here is a comprehensive philosophy that puts it all together. If you want to apply the Integral Vision to medicine, business, ecology, or spirituality, Wilber has plenty to offer. Naturally, the chapter on "Integral Life Practice" was our favorite. The author ends with a challenge to spiritual unfolding.