Mark Coleman is currently a teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation center in California. He has led workshops at retreat centers around the U.S. that combine Buddhist practice in nature with environmental activism. In this engaging and creative volume, Coleman presents a diverse group of meditations that can be used outdoors to heighten our appreciation for nature and our place in it. He notes:

"In nature we can feel a living connection with life all around us. Being outdoors we can taste how we are held and nourished exquisitely by the intricate web of life that is supporting us in every moment, every breath. It helps us to discover our place in the scheme of things and, perhaps, to realize we are already whole. Intimacy with nature can both heal us and teach us to be in harmony and at peace with ourselves and the world."

This paperback is divided into four sections:

• Awakening to Nature
• Uniting Inner and Outer Wilderness
• Emerging into Our True Potential
• Tapping into the Sacred

Coleman's approach to the natural world is multidimensional and will open many new doors for your thinking and practice. There are wonderful pieces on exploring with Beginner's mind, contemplating the four elements, dealing with discomfort with nature, encountering the forces of nature in solitude, maintaining an awareness of imperfection, letting go of the seasons, and contemplating mystery. This is a book to savor as you take some quality time to commune in nature.