Lynne Twist is a global activist, fundraiser, and author of The Soul of Money. On this two-and-one-half hour program on two CDs, she presents many ideas on how to make the most of money as a vehicle for love, clarity, and our highest ideals. She states: "You don't have to compromise, eclipse, or dismiss your soul in the ways you use money, for when you change the way you view your money, all of your needs can be met."

She explores the "Three Toxic Myths About Money":

1. There is not enough.
2. More is better.
3. That's just the way it is.

Twist contends that seeing beyond the "great lie of scarcity" is the key to moving beyond an attachment to it. We must also give up our "financial sob stories" and realize that we can all tap into the natural flow of the abundance of life. Practicing gratitude is essential for experiencing what she calls "the exquisiteness of sufficiency." Using wisdom from her experiences with Mother Teresa, Buckminster Fuller, and others, Twist concludes with six practices to deepen your sense of sufficiency.