Sarah Goodyear and Ed Weissman provide a whimsical and affectionate look at the rituals and rhythms of Episcopal life through the lens of haiku. The paperback is divided into sections on: Being Episcopalian, Church Life — Sundays, Kids, Music, Church Life — The Rest of the Week, Seasons and Holidays, Being Anglican, and Being Christian.

Here are a few examples of the wit and the insight to be found in this spunky little book:

• Do priests really see
God better with their backs to
the congregation?

• Handshakes at the peace;
some limp, some crushing, some damp.
God made all those hands.

• Stand, sit, kneel, stand, kneel:
it's quite a good workout for
a Sunday morning.

• See the junior choir,
like a row of pert sparrows
singing their hearts out.

• At the font: blessing,
sluicing water, cross of oil,
a baby's complaint.

• The choir rehearses.
A soprano fails to curb
her inner diva.

• A summer Sunday.
Men forsake twelve apostles
for golf's eighteen holes.