John S. Dunne is the John O'Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame and is the author of 20 books including Deep Rhythm and the Riddle of Eternal Life. In this theological work, he continues to explore the vast mysteries of the Christian faith using quotations, teaching stories, and illustrations from a wide variety of wisdom traditions. For example, he quotes Dag Hammarskjold who once wrote: "We all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence." These two qualities provide access to our relationship with God. Yet in these fast-paced and hectic times, it is difficult to find stillness or silence. Try reading a book in an airport with the background noise pollution of television or the chatter of people on cell phones. Try and find a place of stillness in any city where traffic, sirens, and jackhammers hold sway. Yet the center point of stillness and the silent presence of God still beckon us.

Our hearts, according to Dunne, are kindled by the inspiring lives of others and by a vision of everything as coming from God. Intimating the inspiration available from others, the author quotes the inscription on a German opera house:

"Bach gave us God's word.
Mozart gave us God's laughter.
Beethoven gave us God's fire.
God gave us music that we might
pray without words."

When we accept that all things emanate from God, we can savor our journey through time even though love must pass through loneliness and we will always have to endure dark nights of the soul. The assurance that God is with us through darkness, light, and shadow makes it all an adventure.