This exhilarating paperback is a companion to The Star in My Heart. Joyce Rupp, a member of the Servite (Sisters of Mary) community, sees Sophia as a wise and loving spiritual director: "She keeps inviting me to be more truly my best self." The 50 prayers and the journaling suggestions here are designed to serve "as catalysts and companions for an ever deepening relationship with her."

One of the first treats in this collection is Rupp's ability to expand our repertoire of images of Sophia. Here are a few of them: Wise and Radiant One, Holy Midwife, Divine Companion, Freedom Bringer, and Juicy Life-Giver. In the first prayer, the author asks Sophia to guide her: "Help me to be attuned to the contradictions of my spirit, / to relax when I ought and push when I must. / Encourage me to believe in what I cannot see yet see. / Be by my side as I await this mysterious new life, / still curled up inside my pregnant spirit."

In one of her journal exercises, Rupp writes: "Go to Sophia. Find her sitting in her chair of wisdom. Ask her to lead and direct you." I like the relaxed nature of this request in the same way I enjoy Rupp's prayers on befriending her aging, accepting the unwanted parts of herself, seeing all beings in the universe as relatives, and looking to Sophia as a companion in her solitude. Prayers to Sophia by Joyce Rupp opens many new devotional doors.