According to the English authors of The Quantum Self and The Quantum Society, spiritual intelligence (SQ) revolves around meaning and value, imagination and ethics. "It facilitates a dialogue between reason and emotion, between mind and body. It provides a fulcrum for growth and transformation." In addition, it provides a unifying center for the self and integrates all the other intelligences.

We can exercise our SQ by asking questions, making connections, searching for meaning, and stretching our imaginations. Zohar and Marshall explain the neurology and the physics of consciousness in a heady chapter titled "The 'God Spot' in the Brain." They define spiritual illness as a disconnection from the self and others. Healing can come through SQ when recollection, the eye of the heart, and compassion are emphasized.

After outlining a new model of the self, Zohar and Marshall delineate how we can improve our SQ through the six paths of duty, nurturing, knowledge, personal transformation, brotherhood, and servant leadership. In the end, the authors salute SQ as "an ability to reframe or recontextualize our experience." This process is one that constantly takes us to the edge where new possibilities abound. By blending science and spirituality, Zohar and Marshall give fresh impetus to the major quest of our time — the making of meaning.