Barbara Brown Taylor, the author of When God Is Silent, is an Episcopal priest who currently holds the Harry R. Butman Chair in Religion and Philosophy at Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. In this edifying collection of essays, she presents her contribution to the growing rapprochement between science and religion. It is time to move beyond the enmity of the past and emphasize dialogue instead.

Taylor is convinced that faith in an incarnational God will not allow Christians to ignore new insights into the nature of the physical world. The structuralist version of evolutionary biology, the EPR paradox, and David Bohm's vision of quantum unity deepen our appreciation of creation's mystery and complexity. Taylor shows how the new science has given her new metaphors for life in community and enriched her sense of wonder. It is no longer possible for Christians to keep scientific and religious truths in separate compartments. The luminous web of creation affirms the connections between the visible and invisible realms.