Mary Carroll Moore is an award-winning author, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, and workshop facilitator. In this accessible and practical work, she offers sixty-seven ways to handle the changes that come into our lives. Sometimes we bring these alterations upon ourselves but most often they arrive unexpectedly and challenge us to respond to them in one way or another. Moore counsels us to be patient, resilient, and hopeful as we work our way through transformations. The most exciting and edifying changes can come through crises and breakdowns. We appreciate this spiritual perspective which opens the door to all kinds of possibilities. Throughout the book, Moore presents handy exercises in boxes on such topics as stop being a victim, dissipating worry, regaining your balance, awakening the listening heart, finding your dream, learning by observation, letting go of past fear, and writing a contract with yourself about change. The author is a connoisseur of thought-provoking quotations: here are a few in a brief sampler:

• "Here is what is truly amazing about life. Things change."
— Elizabeth Glaser

• "Whether the change is one you have chosen or one you wish would go away, the transition forces you to leave the known and step into the new and unknown territory."
— Sabina Spencer and John Adams

• "Your everyday life holds much more that's worth your attention than you may have thought."
— David Reynolds

• "We are not accustomed to thinking that God's will for us and our own inner dreams can coincide."
— Julia Cameron

• "While we cannot change the past, with the wisdom of Spirit we can change what it means to us and to our future."
— Susan Taylor