Robert Hamma, editorial director of Ave Maria Press and its newly-established imprint Sorin Books, has been married to Kathryn Schneider, executive director of St. Margaret's House for 15 years. They see their life together in love as "a spiritual reality and as a path to God." They have written this book "to prime the pump of your own personal expression of prayer, or simply to gather together the fragments of your inner thoughts and reflections."

In a touching prayer centered around their wedding rings, they write: "Make them a lasting symbol of our deep faith in each other, / a reminder of our hopes for the future, / and a sign of the love and commitment we share." Hamma and Schneider also include prayers for holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year), for difficult times (forgiveness after an argument, job stress, money problems, difficulty with in-laws), and parenting. My favorite is "Christ in My Spouse" where the authors see the Holy One in the hand, the voice, the eyes, and the breath of their spouse.