Stephen and Ondrea Levine have spent over 20 years exploring the mind-body interface especially as it applies to healing, dying, and grieving. They are also the authors of Embracing the Beloved: Relationship as a Path of Awakening. On this more than seven-hour audio retreat, they discuss "the difficult yoga of relationship." Here is where our spiritual life really hits the road, or as Stephen Levine puts it: "In relationship lies all the work that needs to be done on the spiritual path: the confrontation with our holding grief, fear, distrust, and judgment. . . . In the deepest spiritual practices, one discovers that pure awareness and pure love are indistinguishable."

The Levines present an edifying group of exercises, meditations, and practical suggestions that have grown out of the mystery of their own relationship. Among the most interesting material are their takes on softening the belly to let go of anger, relying on "responders" to defuse tension, practicing the "Braille" method in a relationship where "you feel your way along one moment at a time," and using breathing techniques to bond with your lover. Throughout this workshop the Levines advise listeners to let go of suffering, to clear up wounds from old relationships and in the name of commitment "to swim across the reservoir of each other's grief."