A one-spotted ladybug is told she is different and doesn't fit in with the community. So she flies away sadly. Hiding in the long grasses, she encounters a worm and an ant, who tell her she looks just fine to them. Feeling encouraged, she climbs to the top of a rose bush where she talks with a wise old ladybug who assures her that no two ladybugs are exactly the same and then adds, "But you're specially beautiful with your one spot." Those who put her down are embarrassed, and the rest of the ladybug community admire the beauty of the one-spotted ladybug.

This appealing children's book is designed for kids 4 - 8 years of age. The author is Evelien van Dort with soft pastel illustrations by Gerda Westerink. Parents and grandparents can use this story to talk to children who feel like outsiders with their peers. Here individuality and diversity are both affirmed along with the mystical perception that everyone is special in his or her own way and worthy of admiration.