Melannie Svoboda, a Sister of Notre Dame, continues to demonstrate her special knack for conveying the beauty and the bounties of everyday spirituality. In this top-drawer collection of 100 short pieces, she writes creatively about sleep, eating an apple, coming in for a landing, walking, the parking space, dressing room mirrors, imperfect stones, and jigsaw puzzles. The selections are organized around the four seasons.

Svoboda finds meaning in doubt, community, fellow-travelers on the Way shown to us by Jesus, humor, waiting and watching, the God of many chances, heroes of social justice, and the lessons of life. She helps us to see the value of simply staying alert, practicing wonder, and always being on the lookout for signs of the Divine in daily events, people, and places. In an essay on "Jigsaw Puzzles," Svoboda observes:

"Every piece of the puzzle is important. If one piece is missing, the puzzle isn't whole. This fact reminds me of the importance of every aspect of my life and every human being. All the pieces make a vital contribution to the whole picture."