We live in a world where differences and the things that draw us together should be affirmed and celebrated. Yet sadly enough bullies and bigots still stalk their prey as "others." And it is hard to convince children who have been raised to worship individualism that we are all one.

Hats off to Free Spirit Publishing and to author Cindy Gainer for this multicultural picture book for kids from preschool to lower elementary. The text presents six ways to practice diversity: through comparing, acceptance, listening, understanding of self and others, kindness, and cooperation. At the back is a parent's guide to talking with children about tolerance and respect for others.

The book lifts up the many ways we are alike such as sharing the same holidays, loving our bikes and tying our shoes, and dreaming about the same things. We were glad to see the spiritual practice of listening honored as a way to get to tolerance and respect:

"We can listen to each other.
That is a good way to get to know each other better.
We can learn more ways we're alike and different."