Robert Atwell is the Bishop of Stockport and the compiler of Love, Gift, and Remember, three anthologies in celebration of marriage and friendship. In this book on spirituality and aging, he writes:

"Growing into adulthood is not simply about cultivating style or acquiring skills. It is about learning to deal with shame and embarrassment, to cope with loss and disappointment, and to find contentment in ordinary things."

In chapters on retirement, boredom and restlessness, and memories, Atwell opens the door to the emotional storms that blow over us like hurricanes. As we begin to make sense of our life-stories, we are drawn to forgiveness, self-knowledge, and gratitude. Atwell concludes:

"The feeling that we have not lived life to the full can determine a sense of well-being. If this is the case, as we contemplate the future, our goal should be not to do more, but to be complete. Self-knowledge, prayerful reflection, savoring happy memories, thanksgiving for what has been, and openness to what shall be, all contribute to our contentment. They help us to be at peace with ourselves and with others."