Bernadette McCarver Snyder is a very funny and clever writer who wrote Aging--with a Laugh and a Prayer. She notes in the introduction: that "this book is not a prescription for sudden perfect health or a guaranteed trouble-free old age. It's just meant to give you a giggle so you can sometimes laugh at your knee that creaks or your brain that sometimes gets stuck in reverse." The cartoons by Chris Sharp are a hoot!

Moving from "Alias" to "Zebra," Snyder offers what she calls daffy definitions for seniors. Each one has a commentary and a prayer. She uses her commentary on a "dibble" (a pointed tool to dig holes in the ground to plant seeds) to suggest that the senior years are a good time for "harvesting new ways to liven up your life." Carver puts in a few good words for imagination, jitterbug, moderation, the therapeutic value of laughing at yourself, peanut butter, quilting, and the ah-ha approach to life as an elder. Here is a sample of the prayer that accompanies the definition of "wonky."

"Dear Lord, in senior years, some days we wake up full of vim and vigor, able to tackle chores in a single bound, powerful enough to go out for golf or lunch or even a guided tour somewhere. But then WHAM, out of nowhere, along comes a wonky day. Oh well, thank you, Lord, for all the full-of-vigor days and all the wonky ones. Thank you for each new day you give us!"