Tsoknyi Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1966 and at the age of eight was designated the reincarnation of a renowned Tibetan meditation master. He began his monastic training when he was twelve, but after he completed this chapter in his life, he renounced his vows, married, and began a family. In this illuminating book on reawakening, co-written with Eric Swanson, Tsoknyi shares his teachings and the things he's learned over the years about essence love, the spark, minding the body, inner space, trust, and much more. All of the material in the book can be seen as exemplifying the spiritual practice of openness. Tsoknyi talks about what he has done in terms of "crossing bridges."

After discussing his monastic training and subsequent life in a global teaching mission, the author states that all of us are capable of becoming "virtuosos" — of being able to "recognize within ourselves an astonishing capacity for brilliance, kindness, generosity, and courage." In addition, we can awaken in others the hidden artist in everyone. We can also practice essence love which is "unconditional kindness, gentleness, and affection born of openness."

Tsoknyi quotes a Tibetan saying: "If you walk with haste, you won't reach Lhasa. Walk gently and you'll reach your goal." He presents spiritual practices related to mindfulness of body, feelings, thought, and dharma. It is fascinating to read about the author's long battle with an addiction to Coca-Cola and his encounter with the exhaustion that comes from exceeding one's internal speed limit. We also benefited from his commentaries on generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, and wisdom.