Suzanne Guthrie is an Episcopal priest at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Kingston, New York, where she uses theatre, dance, and movement to teach Bible and worship to children. She is also a workshop and retreat leader and author of Grace's Window: Entering the Seasons of Prayer.

In this fine collection of meditations, Guthrie demonstrates how it is possible to sanctify the activities of sleeping, waking, reading, working, and gardening. "The ordinary day is a vehicle for transcendence, hour by hour; the Christian prayer hours, a timepiece of eternity. To subvert time, we must enter into time itself. For engaging the sense of reality behind time in prayer does not require that we learn to walk in two worlds at the same time, but rather that we learn to walk in two times in the same world."

Guthrie notes, "Every time I have ever moved, I have had to learn to pray all over again." We all know the feeling. Whether writing about the accumulation of dust in her new house in Poughkeepsie, their backyard garden, or worship services at the Holy Cross Monastery, a Benedictine Episcopal religious community for men, the author captures the devotional aspect of praising God in all that she does. Keeping in touch with the Lord and Giver of Life at all hours of the day is where the tire hits the road for the contemporary Christian.

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