"The retrieval of the spiritual raison d'etre of personal and planetary existence is the single greatest challenge of this unique historical moment in our evolution as a human species," writes Diarmuid O'Murchu, a counselor and social psychologist in London, England, and the author of Reclaiming Spirituality, Quantum Theology, and Poverty, Celibacy, and Obedience. For centuries, the world's religions have reigned with their own special brands of truth, scripture, rituals, sacred places, holy persons, and authoritarian edicts undergirded by the patriarchy. But nowadays more and more people are realizing that religion lies behind the exile and sense of disconnection they feel from reality.

O'Murchu notes that the humans as a unique and distinctive species have inhabited planet Earth for approximately 4.4 million years. Today under the auspices of spirituality we are reclaiming the great story of our evolution. We are taking responsibility for our spiritual growth and nurturance. Instead of worrying about "sacred boundaries" we're exploring "sacred horizons." Moving beyond the old dualities of flesh and spirit, sacred and secular, divine and human, we are returning from exile.

The spiritual homecoming that O'Murchu is talking about consists of reconnecting with our relational selves, our bodies, and the good earth. It involves addressing the challenge of healing our dysfunctional selves and society. To do this, we can tap into the resources of the "Kindom" of God, the listening heart, contemplation, silence, living the questions, and multi-faith dialogue.