Beatrice Bottomwell is a nine year old who is known in her family and community as "The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes." While she does everything well and on schedule, her little brother Carl is constantly making mistakes and messing things up.

Beatrice expends a lot of energy trying to be perfect and so far she's succeeded — except she has to deal with the constant undertow of worry that she will make a big boo-boo or flub something simple. Her worst nightmare happens when she screws up her performance at the school's talent show. She laughs nervously and then so does the audience.

In the morning after her mistake, Beatrice's fans and the reporters are gone. But instead of feeling sad or mad, she feels liberated from a great prison of her own making. For the first time in her life, she is free to be herself. It takes many children a long time to discover what Beatrice does — you don't have to be perfect to be loved. We thank Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein for delivering this important moral message to kids from ages 4 - 8.